Dr. Michael Everest Helping Hospitals Through His Foundation

Recently, Dr. Michael Everest just launched an initiative to support community-based hospitals with funding. His funding has an emphasis on supporting graduate medical education at these teaching hospitals. These institutions depend on government funding alone, which in most times, it’s not enough to cater to all the hospital needs. This makes them less financed, unlike private hospitals in the region. Through this donation, he hopes to increase extensive medical research and help to alleviate the medical residency bottleneck within communities. Dr. Michael Everest is the Founder and Chairman of The Everest Foundation, which he started to help out medical schools by giving grants to cater to different major projects within these institutions. Through this, he has been able to train so many young doctors who will bring change to their community.

The Everest Foundation has been able to fund significant projects in the top medical schools that will bring a tremendous change in the medical world. This is a non-profit organization that is dedicated to advance medical research and education. Dr. Michael Everest helping hospitals was first started by his father, who later passed away from a long illness. He was passionate about medicine and improving the lives of students all over the world through education. Dr. Everest was inspired by his father to become a doctor and also continue his great work. This is one of the reasons that make him push his drive to help out these major institutions.

Just recently, he started a global initiative at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles ( CHLA) through his foundation. This initiative aims to bring foreign doctors from emerging countries and train them on the latest technology and information in the medical world. Since these doctors come from institutions that are poorly funded, therefore, they can’t be able to learn much from their poorly funded schools.

Through this program, these individuals will be flown to Los Angeles for a training program then sent back to implement what they have learned. They began with doctors from poor hospitals from Southeast Asia. These people will be well trained so that they get to offer improved healthcare for the people in their community.

Through all these activities he is involved in, his main aim is to improve the quality of life through good patient care. When doctors can treat their patients well, people will get better, and their quality of life will also improve. Just recently, he donated half a million dollars to the University of California Davis to support pathology training for international medical graduates. 

More graduates will have a chance to get research training in different fields like stem cell technology, spinal injuries, nanotechnology, and other areas through this initiative. He is dedicated to training the next generation doctors by offering them sponsorships in the form of grants, fellowships, residency, and research fellowships.

As a doctor, he understands how important it is to get well informed so that you offer quality services. This is one thing that drives him to do what he does. Give students a chance to get exposed to vast technology and medical research to quickly make a diagnosis and the right treatment for the problem found. 

His father inspired Dr. Michael Everest to help hospitals. Having been brought up in a professional environment, he strived to be the best at what he loved. He was able to study and was the best in his class. He later grew up to be the doctor he is right now. His journey has inspired so many students to work hard and achieve their dreams. This is also another thing that keeps him going to inspire young medical students to make something for themselves.


Paul Petersen