How Can Fat Tissue Be Removed Or Added Into Your Breasts

Today, plastic surgery has developed ways to manipulate fat tissue. The plastic surgeon can take away the fat from certain parts of your body and put it in your breasts, but it can also remove the fat tissue from your breasts.

The condition where the doctor is removing the fat tissue from the breasts is called qynecomastia. It is a situation when man’s breasts get bigger due to certain health problems, but is usually because of hormone disbalance.

This condition is very common, affecting 1 in 4 men in a range of 50-70 years of age, but also young men with obesity and hormone problems where the estrogen is quite dominant. Not only that it affects the physical body, but it also affects the psychic state. Men with this problem have less self-confidence and they tend to socialize less.

Gynecomastia treatment

If the cause of this condition is a hormone disbalance, the hormone therapy can help you to reduce it. Your doctor will prepare the necessary tests to check if there is anything else more serious that can affect your breasts. If everything is good, the goal of gynecomastia surgery will be to reduce the fat tissue and to create more masculine chests.

This is a safe and effective treatment and gynecomastia surgery in Melbourne according to Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is one with great results. You will gain a more masculine chest and you will get rid of excessive fat tissue.


Results with gynecomastia surgery

Using fat to increase breasts

This treatment is suitable for women who wish to have bigger natural looking breasts. Also if your breasts have a different shape, you can undergo this surgery to make them symmetrical.

First, you must have fat tissue in the part of the body from where the fat tissue will be taken, for example, stomach and hips. That fat is liposuctioned, purified and then injected into the client’s breasts. Since it’s a fat from the same person, the body will not reject it.

Breast augmentation is the best way to have naturally bigger breasts

Here, the goal is to increase fullness, volume, shape and balance of the breasts. Also, you will gain better self-image and more confidence. It is important to find a good specialist who will understand what you wish to achieve, and who will explain if that is possible with this procedure. The fat transfer to breasts by Chelsea Cosmetics Melbourne is one with the great reviews and satisfied clients.

The recovery will take around 4 weeks, and you will need to wear a surgical bra. The first few weeks you should not lift anything heavy, or have aggressive activity. Maybe you will have swelling around the area, but that will pass after a few days.

Final Word

No matter if you wish to size down your breasts or you want to make them bigger, find a good specialist and make sure that you are in good hands for achieving your goal.