How to Make Your Water Safe Using Simple Water Purification Techniques?

Drinking water is more necessary and important than consuming food. When you are hungry, you feel the hunger so strong and compelling that it often threats with death. On the other hand, thirst too can lead to death because of dehydration but more seriously because of drinking contaminated and polluted water resulting in cholera and other devastating water-borne diseases. Therefore, it is essential to ensure that your drinking water pure and safe like the water from Just Pure.

Sometimes the thirst is so strong and compelling that even if you know and conscious about the necessity of drinking pure and safe drinking water you do not care about that and do not hesitate to drink the water. For example, if you are left in forest or other lonely places for long you may withstand hunger, but you essentially need to drink water to keep you alive. In that case, you are left with no other option but to drink whatever the water you get irrespective of the safe and unsafe facts of water. In this context, getting acquainted with simple water purification techniques are very essential to save the life.

You can treat water by using water purifying chemicals like either iodine or chlorine. You can also use ultraviolet light or filtration to purify the drinking water. If the situation is so bad that you can do neither of the above mentioned simple purification techniques, you can at least try to boil the water. All these techniques are effective in purifying the drinking water provided they are done appropriately. However, you need to purify the drinking water by using one of these methods which you feel is comfortable for you.

Occasionally, we all experience these types of challenges when we are not left with any more drinking water but yet to reach the destination. In those cases, there is high possibilities getting yourself dehydrated and eventually die. Experiencing dry lips, dizziness, headaches are the symptoms of dehydration and sometimes you can also become nauseous in extreme cases. Heat-stroke or heat exhaustion is another danger when you are dehydrated. If you ignore these symptoms the consequences may be life-threatening.

You should be always careful and conscious about these unforeseen situations and carry sufficient safe drinking water wherever you go. You should also carry water purification chemicals like iodine solution, tablet or crystal, chlorine drops or water filter to solve your water problems in extreme cases.

Clare Louise