Things you did not know about Rogaine for woman

The two percent Rogaine for women solution is a hair re growth treatment which is a topical solution. It is mostly unscented and is available n an odourless and colourless solution.

Substances like minoxidil have been found in the Rogaine for woman. It helps in re growing of hair and stabilising the loss of hair fall which every woman goes through every day. Women who suffers from hair fall and receding hairline or suffers from the constant thinning of hair and hair loss, uses this product to revitalise the hair growth or nourishes the hair follicles. This product is mainly used on the scalp and on the crown of the head. Rogaine for woman was previously available only through prescriptions and now it is available over the counter all over the world.

What is the product?

It is basically a medication which is colourless and it is only used on top of the scalp for regrowth of hair. This product is also appropriate for women or girls who are above eighteen years of age. As women grow older, their hair starts to thin and gradually there is loss of hair from the scalp area. According to recent research it has been seen that many of the women experiences hair loss is due to the family hereditary problems related to hair.

Who should not be using this product on the scalp?

  • This product will not improve your hair condition if you are pregnant.
  • The product will not work if the women are suffering from certain severe problems related to diet and nutrition.
  • If the body has less of iron and vitamins, this product might not work effectively.
  • Do not use the product if your hair has been damaged due to the use of excessive heating styling irons on your hair.

Clare Louise