Under Eye Dark Circles – Reasons and Solutions

Eyes are the reflection of one’s character. Your eyes can speak volumes about you. But what about the dark circles under your eyes? The modern lifestyle has a variety of issues related to it. Under-eye dark circles are one of those.

Dark circles under the eyes can be a serious issue as they will affect your confidence. Letting them go unattended can even make them permanent.

Fortunately, certain effective Clinicare under eye filler treatments can help you out of this condition. Derma centers such as Clinicare offer treatments by the best dermatologists in the entire city.

Let’s explore more about dark circles and their treatments!

What causes dark circles?

Some of the main reasons for dark circles under the eyes are as follows:-

  • Eye strain – Too much exposure to television and laptop or excessive use of mobile phones in the dark can cause the eyes to strain. This is one major reason for the formation of dark circles in young people.
  • Fatigue – Fatigue is also common in the younger population. Long hours without sleep and sometimes even oversleeping can lead to fatigue.
  • Age – Getting older will make the skin of your face thinner. It will also reduce fat and collagen that keep your skin elastic. All this can easily lead to under-eye dark circles.
  • Allergies – Allergies trigger the production of histamines in your body that fight harmful bacteria. This can lead to itching. Also, histamines cause the dilation of dark blood vessels, thus, making dark circles prominent.
  • Dehydration – Dehydration is another major reason for dark circles. Without proper water content in blood cells, they shrink, causing the skin beneath the eyes to look dry and dark.

On top of all these reasons, dark circles can also be hereditary. They will only worsen with time if not corrected with proper treatment.

What Are the Treatment Methods Available?

There are a couple of simple and effective treatments you can get done at clinics like Clinicare. However, bear in mind, it takes time to see results. So, have patience and talk to your dermatologist at length about your expectations.

Two main procedures involved are:-

  1. Fillers
  2. Platelet-rich plasma (PRP)

Both the above-mentioned methods involve injecting skin rejuvenating fluids right under the skin beneath the eyes. This will hydrate your skin and produce new cells that will replace the dead cells. As a result, the dark circles will visibly reduce.

Taking early treatment from established dermatologists can bring desired results.  Maintenance treatment has to be carried out once or twice a year to prolong and maintain the effects of the treatment.

Always make sure to avoid the activities that strain your eyes if you are someone who gets dark circles easily. Once they start appearing, immediately get medical attention at skin-care centers such as Clinicare. Book an appointment now!

Clare Louise