3 Great Cannabis Products for First-Time Users

Getting ready for your first visit to your local marijuana dispensary? On your first visit, the huge selection of products may be a little overwhelming. Here is a guide to great products for any first-time cannabis user.

1. Rythm Stardawg Guava Disposable Vape Pen

Rythm is a cannabis brand that has a national presence, and they’re known for providing quality concentrates and vapes for medicinal cannabis users. Rythm’s Stardawg Guava Disposable Pen features the brand’s liquid live resin. Stardawg Guava is known for winning first place for “Best Sativa” in the 2012 Denver Cannabis Cup. It is a true Sativa that users enjoy for providing bursts of clean energy.

2. Sweet Life by Hannah Dark Chocolate Espresso Beans

Sweet Life by Hannah is a line of cannabis-infused edibles with a special focus on fine chocolates. Each piece is infused with both espresso powder and cannabis oil, providing 2.5mg THC. This allows users to microdose, making this product accessible for both new and experienced users alike. This is a delicious product that chocolate and coffee lovers will appreciate for its delicious taste. It’s a truly unique edible.

3. Avexia Ascend Tablets

Avexia produces medicinal cannabis products formulated from sustainably sourced ingredients. This product is a chewable tablet that provides users with a discreet way to relieve stress, anxiety and pain. The Ascend Tablets feature a balanced Hybrid strain that is perfect for daytime or nighttime use. You won’t get sleepy when using these – you’ll experience relief from a variety of symptoms. The best part is, this product tastes great, too, and it can be found at your favorite marijuana dispensary Chicago.

With recreational and medical marijuana sales soaring throughout many states, it only makes sense that there are plenty of products available to fill the demand. Head to your local dispensary and find the product that works best for you!

David Curry