4 Habits to Avoid to Prevent Your Eyes from Aging

We have been so busy that sometimes the hours aren’t simply enough for a good night’s sleep. Many factors tend to add years to your appearance in an instant like genetics, gravity, stress that leads to dark circles, crow’s feet, and under eye puffiness. There are many beauty habits that contribute to the same. Clinique Anti Aging lists a few of them so that you can work on preventing them and restore the youthfulness of your eyes.

  1. Not using an eye cream

Consult any dermatologist about the same and everyone will have the same thing to say that eye creams are a much needed part of your anti-aging regimen. It is also one of the most neglected aspects. Keep in mind that the skin around your eyes is the thinnest skin on your entire body, hence it is sensitive and prone to damage. Also, the first signs of aging tend to show up around this area only.

  1. Scrubbing your eye area

We are all aware of the importance of removing the eye makeup or any kind of makeup before hitting the bed. But know that wearing eye shadow and waterproof mascara for prolonged time can also be difficult to remove. So, the simple way to tackle this is by rubbing your eyes clean, but if you do it vigorously, you can damage the under eye skin, break the capillaries and end up with dark circles. To ensure you are not rubbing or scrubbing your eye area, go for an oil based cleanser to make it easy to clean afterwards.

  1. Applying the eye cream incorrectly

Seeking the right eye cream is just the tip of an iceberg. What also matters is how you apply it. Here is how to ace at it. After you wash your face and apply your serums and moisturizers, always take a pea sized amount of the eye cream with your ring finger and apply to by dabbing small dots under and around your eyes as well as on the brow bone. Never pull the skin. Rather, pat the cream gently until it is absorbed. Then wait for a while before applying sunscreen to make sure the product is completely absorbed.

  1. Improper diet

Concealer may help the best to hide away the flaws on your skin, but eating healthy diet is the best way to prevent aging eyes. For the newbies, ensure that your diet is loaded with nutrients needed for brighter and younger looking skin. Consume vitamin K as it helps in producing collagen and new cell growth. Vitamin C helps in glowing the skin and prevents further damage, and vitamin B helps in retaining the skin elasticity.

Clare Louise