How fitness helps achieve life goals:

Often people are so driven in their lives to achieve their goals and become successful that they end up ignoring their health and well-being, which could prove to be very costly in the long run. Fitness, when approached with the right mindset and in the right capacity, not only helps stay sharp and healthy but also provides a major boost in confidence and keeps you motivated.

Where to begin:


Very common mistake beginners make straightway take an entire year of nearby gym subscription. As every individual’s body reacts differently, just within a month or two people, often themselves rather uninterested and demotivated. The right way to go would be to explore all the different forms of fitness programs and see which one suits you the best. I prefer taking short term training programs and explore different fields like yoga, meditation, weight training, CrossFit, etc. And even after an year or two if you think things aren’t going as nicely as they should, you can still explore something else, the point being, never to get bored and give up on fitness and keep searching and exploring new things, even try mixing them up a bit, just make sure to never lose interest.

Prefer outdoor activities:


In the comfort of air conditioners and the luxury of comfortable seatings and beautiful architecture, we end up missing out the magic of our planet’s nature. As it turns out, the best way to stay healthy and fit both mentally and physically is to stay connected to nature, which isn’t just an old saying but proven fact. Some of the major benefits of outdoor fitness activities are-

  • Fresh air- The biggest advantage of an open environment is you’re saving yourself from that fabricated atmosphere of air conditioners and are breathing fresh and oxygen-rich air.
  • Positivity- Whether you’re going out for a walk, exercise, or just to have some quiet time in the park. Greenery and open air always help alleviate stress and infuse positivity.
  • Mental growth- In an age where social media dictates the way of life with people spending more time on their smartphones than any other activity. So it helps to go back to our roots and where we came from, nature. It’s better to go outside and meet and interact with people in person instead of scrolling through Instagram.


A variety of options to choose from-


Once you make up your mind and finally make room in life for fitness, you’d be surprised to realize how big and diverse the field is. As more people turn their attention to fitness, it has also opened doors for some quite amazing innovations and advancements. Programs like Norwell Outdoor Fitness have been redefining how people perceive fitness and training. With their outdoor training parks, constructed as a one-stop place for both adults and kids, they’ve been doing an amazing job in providing people a facility where they can both train and stay connected to nature. With their high tech apps for both kids and adults, integrated with specialized QR codes spread across the entire parks, they provide the perfect balance in technology and nature.

Keep things simple and diet diverse:


As you truly start to explore the world of fitness, it’s easy to be overwhelmed by the sheer options you can pick from and the amount of information that is circulating the internet. So try not to think too much and learn everything at once. Even though fitness should be an integral part of your life, still you need to make sure to keep it simple and not be too hard on yourself. Also working out too much in your rookie days could cause some serious injuries which can set you back for months and cost you both money and fitness. Instead, put that extra motivation in researching and building yourself a good diet plan as healthy eating is just as important as working out and the two should always go parallel. Try not to eat too much junk food and prefer fresh vegetables and protein-rich food instead of frozen packaged ones.


Clare Louise