How well does gastric balloon work?

There are various kinds of weight loss procedures and can be broadly classified as invasive and non-invasive. The non-invasive procedures include Lap-band Surgery, and Orbera Balloon Surgery, among others. These are reversible procedures and do not involve stomach being reduced in size permanently. If you are considering an Orbera Balloon Surgery in Lubbock, then you should know how it works. The gastric balloon placed inside the stomach needs to be removed after six months.

How Does it work?

Gastric Balloon involves placing a silicone balloon in the stomach for a given period. It reduces the effective size of the stomach by taking up space inside it and hence limits the amount of food one can consume. It makes you feel full quicker and controls the intake of a large quantity of food. It is a temporary method but has a long-lasting effect when it comes to weight loss. It moulds the eating behaviour of individuals and helps them commit to healthy eating habits and physical activity. One can easily lose 10 to 15 percent weight with this procedure.

Eligibility for a Gastric Balloon procedure

Those who have a body mass index between 30 to 40 are eligible for an Orbera Balloon Surgery in Lubbock. But this surgery is also extended to some exceptions. In some cases, people who have BMI lesser than 30 can also undergo the gastric balloon procedure for weight loss. Hence, it is an option for those who are not immediately eligible for most of the bariatric procedures, and the ones who do not want to undergo irreversible weight loss surgeries such as Gastric Bypass.

Side-effects and precautions

Like any other surgery, it is advised that you should consult a reputed expert for the Orbera Balloon Surgery in Lubbock. This will ensure safety and minimum possible complications after the surgery. The probable complications of a gastric balloon surgery could be:

  • Abdominal pain
  • Acid reflux and heartburn
  • Nausea and vomiting in the first few days
  • Cramps or bloating in the stomach

All these complications, if they occur, are treatable by normal medication. In the worst-case scenario, which is very rare, the balloon might have to be removed early as a result of intolerance and discomfort.

David Curry