Understanding Your GEHA Drug Rehab Coverage

Your GEHA alcohol treatment coverage may cover the cost of a toxicity plan, but how much your rehab treatment can be covered by insurance varies by policy. Some GEHA policies only cover alcohol detox treatment, while others cover all types of substance abuse and rehab treatment options.

Once you complete a detox program, you may need to go to inpatient and/or outpatient treatment to some extent. GEHA health plans can sometimes cover you with inpatient care, outpatient treatment, or sometimes both.

Many factors determine whether you are protected for rehabilitation therapy, how much you are approved for or not. If you have a GEHA High Options Benefit Plan, you will undergo rehabilitation. The coverage you are trying to go through can also affect your coverage odds.

How Do I Use My GEHA Insurance For Rehab Work?

Choosing a drug or alcohol addiction treatment can be tricky, whether you are looking for a loved one’s treatment. At Aspire, we want to help you make things easier so you can get the treatment you need. Our experienced specialists standing by to help you find out how much your insurance will cover and which treatment plan is best suited to your unique situation.

  • When you contact us, we have some tasks for you:
  • Review your GEHA health insurance policy thoroughly
  • Rug Determine whether you have undergone drug and alcohol abuse treatment
  • Determine what types of treatments you may need and how you will be covered by your insurance
  • Centers Identify which treatment centers work best with your policy

Understanding the details and best print of your insurance plan can be confusing and frustrating. The Aspire Health Network will explain your GEHA alcohol treatment coverage so that you have a better understanding of what is and isn’t covered under your insurance. We also know what to expect when you end up with out-of-pocket expenses.

Ensuring that you fully understand the options available to you is important to your relaxation and overall health goals. Our experienced specialists will help you choose the best treatment center and recovery plan to fully explain what your insurance is.

David Curry