What is the best skin resurfacing treatments for scars?

  The best skin is the one with even texture, even skin tone, moist but not oily, and free from itchiness, pain, or discomfort. Uneven skin texture with grooves, scars, and accompanied by pigmentation is not something that will make you happy. Scars will affect your confidence, your skin health, and will reduce your attractiveness. Fraxel laser is also known as fractional laser. They are both used in the aesthetic field to manage a variety of skin conditions. Skin resurfacing for scars removal is the best skin resurfacing treatment for scars especially acne scars.

Fraxel laser is a non-invasive and microscopic laser treatment used mainly to deal with skin problems such as acne, acne scars, wrinkles, and pigmentation. This treatment is one of the famous treatments as it offers many benefits and advantages. Fraxel laser treatment is the best way to improve skin texture as it is proven to do so.

The laser skin resurfacing is a method that is used for skin resurfacing as an alternative resurfacing technique other than an ablative laser or a chemical peel. Laser resurfacing treatment ensures faster healing in contrast to ablative procedures. Skin generation will take place following this procedure and results in healthier and youthful skin.

  The advantages of undergoing this treatment are:

  • Fewer side effects
  • Side effects are very unlikely to be severe and affect your life
  • Short recovery period
  • Cost-effective and affordable
  • Simple aftercare
  • Safe
  • Suitable for everyone despite the difference in skin colour or age

  A Fraxel laser generates microbeams that release thousands of small columns that penetrate the outer layer of the skin or epidermis and the deeper layer known as the dermis. These columns of heat will destroy the internal layers of skin and this stimulates the healthy skin around the columns to start the repair process by the body’s healing mechanism. The skin will heal from the bottom and replaces the damaged skin on top. This results in an improved complexion. The result is a more even-textured and tighter looking skin. This is different from ablative lasers that damage the epidermis to induce healing.

  Laser skin resurfacing treatment is a safe procedure. Complications and side effects with this procedure are rare, especially if it is done by experienced practitioners. The following are the possible side effects:

  • Pain: Pain threshold is different from one person to another, but the majority of people did not complain of any pain. They usually experienced minor discomfort. The first step is to apply a cream that causes numbness to your face to counter this effect. Your doctor will assess the level of pain you are experiencing and may give you some local anaesthetic agent if needed or required.
  • Redness: Some people may develop redness of the face that might continue for a few weeks.

   The aftercare to ensure the best results are:

  • Take leave for a few days as you might experience discomfort as if you are having a sunburn
  • Always maintain your skin moisture by drinking enough water and applying skin moisturizer
  • Minimize outdoor activities to protect your skin from any damage by UV rays
  • Apply sunblock if you still need to go out
  • Stop using makeup
  • Do not use any skin products containing retinoids during the healing phase as it will just cause skin damage

  Skin resurfacing for scars removal is the best method to improve skin well-being and dealing with uneven skin texture.

David Curry