Know These CBD Oil Purchasing Red Flags Before Buying

In the United Kingdom, the regulatory practices in the sale and use of Cannabidiol products is paving the way for a very dynamic CBD industry. These products include capsules, oils and CBD oil balm that has become very popular among the UK residents wanting to look for alternative therapies for their pain, depression, anxiety and sleep disorders. 

However, there are those who want to take advantage of those who are very interested in CBD products and are planning to purchase some. Attracted by the promising health benefits of these products, these unknowing consumers are attracted by the outlandish claims and “miraculous” effects on health that questionable sellers are making. 

Prospective buyers should understand that although there are several studies that point to the promising benefits on health that Cannabidiol can bring, there are still no conclusive studies that establishes the medical efficacy of these products. So, unless a medical product certificate has been issued, it is illegal for a CBD oil shop to make such claims. 

If you are planning to purchase CBD oils or any other products containing CBD, it would be wise to get a good understanding of the red flags that can tell buyers if they are dealing with a legit seller or not. Check out this infographic presented by Love CBD so you can learn more about these red flags and avoid being victimised.